Innovative Video Games

GLS has produced over a dozen games designed around a range of content models. Our games promote engaging ways of learning about biological systems, civic activism, pro-social behavior, programming, and many other STEM domains.

Cutting Edge Research

By working in house with game artists, designers, programmers, and researchers, GLS ties together innovative game mechanics, data analysis, and assessment methods in a way that is unique in the field. GLS also leverages its unique position in the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery to develop new methods of assessing learning through game play.

Industry Leaders

Research at GLS is supported by leaderships and partners from the industry, such as game designer Doug Church and neuroscientist Richard Davidson, as well as groups like Microsoft Research.

Unique Culture

Staff at the GLS Center maintain a healthy balance between work and play, hosting cooperative and collaborative gameplay sessions in between projects.

GLS Conference

The GLS Conference, held annually in Madison, provides a forum for games researchers, game designers, and educators from around the world to share results from research and game design efforts.