Innovative Video Games

GLS has produced over a dozen games designed around a range of content models. Our games promote engaged learning about biological systems, civic activism, self-regulating attention, empathy, programming, literacy, and many other domains.

Cutting Edge Research

GLS is one of the longest standing games-for-learning research programs in the world, housed in the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, UW's premier center for transdisciplinary research and innovation. Our research is theoretically engaged, methodologically diverse, and broad in impact. Come see why our publications are among the top cited in games and learning.

Industry Leaders

GLS faculty are leaders in the field. Our network of collaborators includes content experts on campus, leaders in the game industry, master teachers across Wisconsin, and playful learners of all age.

Unique Culture

GLS researchers and designers maintain a healthy balance between work and play, hosting art installations, game nights, social events, and service outings in between projects in the lab.

GLS Conference

The GLS Conference, held annually in Madison, provides a forum for games researchers, game designers, and educators from around the world to share results from research and game design efforts.